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GHMC Town Planning Officer Caught Red-Handed by ACB

The GHMC officials have been receiving severe criticism from citizens for the past few days with roads overflowing with rain water and vehicles getting jammed for hours in traffic.

Minister KTR has blamed the GHMC Officials and also ordered them to restore the order in the city on war-footing. Amidst all this hoopla, a GHMC official still managed to keep his calm and go on his alleged routine of taking bribe.

Rakesh, a top brass GHMC town planning officer, has now been caught red-handed at Secunderabad by ACB. He was reportedly caught taking a bribe of 2 lakhs from a builder, who was allegedly paying this amount to cover up a penalty of Rs 66 lakhs. Rakesh has reportedly been taken into custody. More details on this case are awaited.