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Donald Trump rakes up H-1B visa again!

During his recent election rally, the Republican US Presidential nominee Donald Trump has once again kicked up the H-1B Visa row and vowed to protect jobs for Americans.

Trump alleged that US companies are importing low-wage workers from other countries on H-1B visas, which is leading to the continual rise in the unemployment in the country.

"Many mothers across this nation are worried their sons and daughters not finding jobs after college, and they are right to be worried. Outsourcing jobs to other countries is one of the biggest threats to this great nation. Companies are importing low-wage workers on H-1B work visas to snatch jobs from college-trained Americans," Trump allegedly told cheering supporters.

Trump pledged that he would protect the jobs of young Americans and make sure every able college graduate finds a good job. Trump also said that he would protect the well-being of the lawful immigrants and curb the illegal foreign worker admission. His plan is to select immigrants based on their ability of having a financially self-sufficient life in the US.

H-1B work visa is the most sought-after for IT professionals, particularly for Indian IT sector. According to recent reports, Trump is working towards establishing new immigration controls to ensure that jobs are offered to educated American workers first. He allegedly calls it a way of securing the jobs for the Americans.