Om Namo Venkatesaya

KCR's Smartest Move Ever

The twenty one newly formed districts of Telangana are considered as a boon for the jumping japangs of many other political parties who are in the TRS. Inspired by TRS' Akarsh launched by KCR, several MLAs of TDP, Congress have ditched their parties and jumped into TRS. And to accommodate all these leaders and give seats to them in the next elections is definitely a major challenge to KCR and TRS party.

With forming new districts KCR played it very smart and it forced the Centre to form new constituencies and thus to accommodate more leaders in the next elections. This tactic will help KCR to give befitting counter TDP, Congress in Telangana who are hoping that the leaders who wouldn't get ticket would comeback to their parties.

This isn't all. With formation of new districts, Centre has to allot new IAS and civil service officers which is difficult given it's not practical to allot new officers and already there's a scarcity of civil service officers. This gives Telangana government to promote its group officers to the next level and accommodate the people they want in the posts.

On other hand, the new districts have also boosted the property prices and realty business has shot up in the new district headquarters which in turn many TRS leaders get advantage of the new move. And by all these, it's a win-win-win situation for KCR and TRS whereas it's a big blow to Opposition parties. In this way, it's politically smartest move by KCR.