Om Namo Venkatesaya

Wonder who is Jagan’s political advisor?

Kapu community which is present in significant numbers rallied with Telugu Desam Party in the last elections and garnered a super success to the party in the areas where they are decisive position. Jagan realized this very late and is now trying to distance Kapu community from the ruling party. For that he brought, former Minister Mudhragadda Padmanabham in to scene and brought the issue of Kapu reservations.

Mudragadda was kept intelligently out of the party and Jagan is trying to shoot Naidu from his shoulders. And on the other side, Jagan met Dasari Narayana Rao a short while ago and invited him to party. In his prime, Dasari used to be Kapu representation in Congress and his importance in the party decreased with Chiranjeevi’s entry in to Congress.

Now Jagan pinned high hopes on Dasari to do the trick to him which may not work well because Dasari is not in best of the form and the bonus is the corruption allegations. Jagan even personally went to Dasari’s house and invited him in to the party. Wonder who is guiding Jagan in his political moves? Dasari in the recent times was telling that his political career is finished and he is no longer interested. We will have to see what he finally decides!