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RGV's Midnight Attack On Vangaveeti Radha

Recently, Vangaveeti Radha, son of the firebrand politician from Vijayawada late Vangaveeti Ranga, warned filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma against showing his father in a bad light in his ambitious biopic, Vangaveeti. Radha warned RGV of dire consequences if he distorts facts and takes the opposition's side.

A week later, RGV finally gave a fitting counter warning in his usual style. Just a while ago, RGV openly addressed his tweets to Radha saying Radha was a kid at the time of his father's death whereas he closely moved with Ranga in those days.

RGV goes on to call Radha a 'pillodu' and said that his father Ranga predicted long back that Radha will like a pillodu when he grows up. RGV said he is shocked to see Radha still behaving like a kid by believing people's words. RGV also suggested Radha to know about the flashback of his father and uncle before giving him warnings.