Om Namo Venkatesaya

Ratnachal Driver Saves Hundreds Of Lives

It takes an extremely selfless act and meticulous presence of mind to avert seemingly intense situations from ending up as grave dangers. The driver of the Ratnachal Express, which was set on fire by the angry Kapu protestors at Tuni railway station yesterday, showed the same valor and turned a savior of hundreds of protestors.

After pelting stones at the train and creating panic among hundreds of passengers who scrammed to save their lives, the ravaged protestors then climbed atop the train to set it on fire. However, the driver quickly disconnected the pantograph connected to the high-tension cables above the train WiFi supplies electricity to the train.

The driver also alerted the station officials who promptly disconnected the power supply to the transmission wires, thereby saving hundreds of mindless protestors from ending up in ashes.