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Powerful Earthquake Strikes America

A powerful 7.1-magnitude earthquake struck the Alaskan region in America early this morning, revealed the US Geological Survey. With an impact of about 50 miles deep the Cook Inlet was hire by the epicenter, 162 miles southwest of Anchorage.

The earthquake lasted about 30 seconds and the region is known for being a earthquake prone area. So far no serious casualties have been reported. Authorities don't rule out a possible gas leak and several residents in the Kensi province have been evacuated to safer zone.

The quake resulted in power outages in the Anchorage area, leaving nearly 4,800 residents without power in the Kenai Peninsula. Social media has been busy with photographs and videos of broken roads and scattered furniture being posted since the morning.

The National Weather Service ruled out an occurrence of a tsunami as a result of the earthquake.