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Vangaveeti Radha Warns RGV

Following the positive response for Killing Veerappan, Ram Gopal Varma announced that his next and the last Tollywood film will be Vangaveeti, a biopic on the sensational Vijayawada political leader, Vangaveeti Ranga. Varma said that this biopic will show the rise of Ranga and the tense consequences that took place in the city after his assassination.

Today, Ranga's son Vangaveeti Radha gave a strict warning to Ram Gopal Varma against showing his father's life in bad light. Radha said that he has no objection to RGV showing facts in his film, but he and all his father's fans will not tolerate RGV if he takes sides of a particular community.

Radha further said that everyone knows how biased and prejudiced RGV is and even dared him against talking nonsense about their family name. Radha further said that he will not be responsible for any reaction against RGV by his father's followers if facts are distorted in his film.

Finally, Radha concluded saying that RGV has not approached him or his family members till date.