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Rohit Vemula’s mother hospitalized!

Radhika, the mother of Rohit Vemula was hospitalized a short while ago after she complained of Chest Pain. Radhika is at the center of a huge controversy after the debate arose about their caste. First she said they are of SC community and even have certificates supporting the claim.

Later after her husband and in-laws confirmed they are of Vaddera caste (BC), she announced that her husband is BC but she belongs to SC community. She said her children after their divorce took her caste.

After that, the school records of Radhika got surfaced in media and it was clearly mentioned that she belongs to Vaddera Caste (BC). Finally she released a Press note saying that she is born SC but a couple belonging to Vaddera caste adopted her and she raised her children in SC environment after her divorce. Earlier in the day, Vice Chancellor of Hyderabad Central University went on an indefinite leave, a move to pacify the agitating student groups in the campus.