Om Namo Venkatesaya

Chiru to use Pawan’s political craze?

2014 elections turned to be the most interesting ones in the history of Andhra Pradesh and Telengana. Congress, which was ruling the united state, failed to keep up the power. Chiru, who is one of the main Congress leaders in Andhra Pradesh side, tried his best to do justice to the people of both the states.

Pawan Kalyan, who never goes against Chiru, decided to move on to a different track with Jana Sena. He joined hands with BJP and TDP, which helped these parties to win in Andhra Pradesh. Now, things are slowly pacing up for the next elections. TDP and BJP are slowly moving away from one another and Pawan Kalyan, as a supporter of BJP, may have a clash with TDP, in future.

It is a fact that Pawan got a clash with TDP during the capital city region land acquisition. As there is no chance for Congress to get into power in AP, Chiru may take his time to plan his strategy for the next elections. If Chiru uses Pawan’s political craze and get into BJP, there are high chances for BJP to give tough competition to TDP. It is a fact that the success of TDP in the next elections depends highly on the new capital city construction. On the other hand, BJP and Modi were proving themselves at the central level with good set of developments.

If people in AP start believing BJP and if Chiru and Pawan gets united and support BJP, TDP might be in trouble in near future. Next 3 years will be a litmus test for TDP and Chandra Babu Naidu.