Om Namo Venkatesaya

Congress to cross TDP again?

Congress party was seen nowhere in both Telengana and Andhra Pradesh in the last elections. Bifurcation of the state helped TDP get into power in AP, while the same party got into the opposition status in Telengana. Congress, which played vital role in the bifurcation process, faced utter failure status in both the states. Several leaders from Congress shifted sides during that time and later on the party became a bit stable.

As TDP is becoming weaker day by day in Telengana, Congress is slowly growing its roots again in that region. In the recent Khammam municipal elections, Congress party registered success in 10 locations. In Warangal, Congress bagged success in 4 regions. Slowly, Congress is building itself again in Telengana. On the other hand, few senior members from Telengana TDP party changed sides making the party more weaker.

In Andhra Pradesh, TDP has no tension at present with Congress. TDP is enjoying the top position without much competition. But, the fate of the party in the next elections depends on the capital city development.