Om Namo Venkatesaya

Send these leaders To USA, RGV Requests Modi

Continuing the ongoing controversies surrounding his upcoming film Vangaveeti, RGV found himself to be a target of several irked Congress leaders in Vizag, who appealed to the Superintendent of the Vizag Mental Hospital to treat RGV calling him a mentally retarded person.

In a fitting retort, RGV gave a huge 'shock' to the Congress leaders. In his reaction, RGV said, "To undergo treatment, I at least have brain, but these Congress leaders are blabbering at me since they don't even have a brain."

Continuing his mockery of the Congress leaders, RGV further said, "Congress leaders have proved that human beings can survive even without having a brain." Finally, RGV concluded saying, "I am going to request Narendra Modi to send these Congress leaders to America for advanced medical research."