Om Namo Venkatesaya

Finally Temp Secretariat deadlock cleared!

Finally the deadlock in Temporary Secretariat construction in Amaravati is cleared. After the two companies which submitted bids for the construction quoted almost 35% more than the government estimation, CRDA had to negotiate or call for fresh bids. In order to save time,
they have negotiated with both the companies.

They have agreed to take up the construction at the cost of 3350 Rupees per sq ft. Earlier CRDA estimated it at 3000 Rupees per square feet and the companies have quoted for 4000 per square feet. Both the companies also agreed to complete the construction by June 15th. L&T will construct four buildings and the other company, Shapur Palanji will construct the remaining two.

The Temporary Secretariat will come up in Velagapudi, one of the capital notified villages. The construction will come in 26 acres and will create 6 Lakh Square feet of office space. Velagapudi is close to the core capital area comprising the villages of Uddandarayunipalem, Vengayapalem and Tallayapalem. Velagapudi is about 15 km from Vijayawada.