Om Namo Venkatesaya

VH Slams Governorgiri In Temples

Rajya Sabha MP and maverick Congress leader V Hanumantha Rao made sensational comments on the first citizen of Telangana state, Governor ESL Narasimhan. 

He slammed Narasimhan for holding Ugade fete a day before the actual Ugadi. "This is unprecedented. How can almanac be read before Ugadi? Why is the Government organising such functions,"he asked. He also criticised the Governor's frequent temple visits. He said his regular visits to the temple are causing difficulties to ordinery devotees, who are either stopped from visiting the temple or made to wait for long hours. 

VH also said that his frequent visits to Tirumala and his bare torso prayers are causing much discomfiture to the pilgrims.

But, why is VH so cut up with Narasimhan? After all, he was a Congress appointee and was faithful to Sonia Gandhi till Congress was in power.