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Ambani's Ace Reply To Greedy Beauty

A girl's post on social media about her wish to marry a person who can earn upto 100 crores a year, turned sensational and viral. Her version says that a beautiful girl can try to marry a 100 Cr guy if she gets a chance and who on earth would want to miss a chance like that? 

It has traveled miles of pages on social platforms and finally reached a real 100 crore earner, Reliance Industries Chairman Mukesh Ambani and see what he has to say on it.

The tycoon admits of paying full interest in reading her post and says that these kind of wishes and doubts are not uncommon among many youngsters. He replied it in a style and as a man himself who can earn 100 crores in a year. Recalling her trial to balance her beauty with a rich guy's wealth, a businessman in Mukhesh rubbishes the equation. He wants the girl to realize the fact that her beauty is lost with age , but his money goes on multiplying through years. 

Finally saying out loud that her beauty has a validity of 10 years at most, Mukesh smacks that a rich guy wants to spend some good time with a middle class girl, but never wants to marry one! 

So if the girl's aim is to marry a rich guy of 100 crores annual income, he wants her to become a 100 crore earner instead. Well, that seems to be a better possibility to happen than to chase a rich fool through social platforms!