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Bring Those 2,500 Crs From KCR: Chandrababu

AP CM Nara Chandrababu Naidu has once again rattled off the beehive when he ordered the officials to acquire the 2,500 crores which AP is supposed to get from the KCR government for its power usage from AP power companies ever since the state division.

Adding further, Babu also asked the officials to safeguard the 1,000 crore property belonging to AP power companies. Babu made these comments earlier today when the AP State Electricity Board requested him to collect the debts from the Telangana government.

Babu also suggested the board officials to form a coordination committee to oversee the property allotment between AP and Telangana just as it was done during the division of AP and Telangana electricity employees.

It is well known that the Supreme Court has recently ordered the Telangana government to pay monthly salaries to the employees of the AP electricity companies working in Telangana.