Om Namo Venkatesaya

Twitter making government employees shiver!

Twitter is now turning into a top medium between the common people and the governments in India. It is a known fact that several central ministers react within minutes if we post any complaint in Twitter tagging them. The same is now being seen in Telengana too. KTR, who is quite regular on Twitter reacted quickly to a tweet made by a person tagging him.

A person named Vishal complained to KTR in Twitter saying that their area was not cleaned from the past 2 days and the garbage was spreading on the road. He requested KTR to help them in this aspect. KTR responded to this by alerting the municipal officials. It seems that that region was cleaned with in minutes and Vishal himself posted the clean area along with the old picture which has garbage.

He further thanked KTR for the quick response. Looks like, Twitter already replaced the traditional paper based complaint system which previously existed in the government sector. This is now literally shivering government employees in India, as a single mistake from their side will make people complain to the respective politicians on Twitter. Tough time for government employees, but good days started for Indians.