Om Namo Venkatesaya

Andhra Pradesh’s Railway Zone dream yet again shattered!

Andhra Pradesh Special Railway Zone demand with Vishakapatnam as Head Quarter is once again ignored by the Union Railway Minister. There is a buzz that the center will be granting this long standing demand in this budget. The Minister even gave several indications as such in the last few days, but the budget speech has no such mention.

Special Railway Zone with Vishakapatnam as Head Quarter is one of the prime poll promise of BJP to the truncated state. Kambhampati Haribabu, State BJP President campaigned about it viciously before the election. He managed to emerge as giant killer defeating YSR Congress Honorary President Vijayamma in Vishakapatnam Parliamentary position.

This railway zone is being opposed by the neighbouring Odisha state as the current East Coast Railway Zone is sustaining on the income from Vishakapatnam. But all the Special trains and infrastructure is being created in Odisha with the income generated through Vishakapatnam area. Since BJP is dependent on BJD MPs support in Rajya Sabha, the center is continuing to ignore the demand.