Om Namo Venkatesaya

Expansion plans for Temporary Secretariat?

The state government is planning to expand the Temporary Secretariat which is being currently constructed. All the six buildings plans here are G+1 structures. Earlier there is a plan to put up a helipad for the Chief Minister’s use. But it is now shelved. We are told that this decision was taken to allow expansion of these buildings.

The government is facing severe office space crunch for the employees coming from Hyderabad. The government is of the opinion that instead of going for renting and leasing, additional floors in these buildings will be more feasible and will also make sure the administration is carried out from one place.

All the HOD offices are also likely to be accommodate here. The government will take a final decision on this very soon. There are several new questions about the financial implications, delay in construction, tender procedures if the initial plan is changed. According to the current plan, Temporary Secretariat has to be completed by June 15th.