Om Namo Venkatesaya

April 21st to decide the fate of actress/politician Roja

Actress turned politician Roja is now facing ban from AP assembly from the past few days. The ban is stated to be for an year. Attacking on this decision, Roja decided to file a case against the ban. The Supreme Court on Tuesday  decided to go ahead with hearing of the case filed by YSRCP MLA RK Roja challenging her suspension from the AP Assemble for 1 year. Speaker of AP assembly said that, according to section 340, Roja was suspended.

Lawyer from Roja’s side mentioned that one cannot ban a politician for an year as per section 340. AP government stated that instead of section 194 they mistakenly mentioned section 340. Roja’s lawyer counter attacked saying that the rule which was wrongly quoted, should not be taken into consideration.

After listening to the arguments, the court demanded AP government to give the right answer on how and why they banned Roja on or before 21st of April. If AP government fails to give an answer, Roja may come out of this ban soon. April 21st will decide the fate of Roja.