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Aamir Khan Talking Nonsense: Owaisi

Close on the heels of Aamir's controversial comments on intolerance in India, hard-core Muslim ideologist and MIM leader Asaduddin Owaisi came out and called Aamir's comments 'nonsense'. Saying that he would rather say 'I live and die in India', Asaduddin said he'd never say what Aamir Khan had said.

"I would have never said what Aamir said. We have seen numerous riots but still we continue to live here as its our country. We will not succumb to nonsense talks. We will do disservice to those who fought for us. We will struggle and strive to live here to improve the country," Owaisi was quoted as saying in a TV interview to India Today.

It may be noted that Aamir earlier stated that raising intolerance in India prompted him, his wife to consider leaving the country. Aamir's remarks invited a huge flak from people, his colleagues in film industry and several leaders. People took to social networking sites to express their dissent on Aamir.