Om Namo Venkatesaya

Telangana govt’s U turn on most controversial issue!

Strange are the ways of Telangana government and TRS party, in the past 18 months, every one including CM KCR, used the issue of Power PPAs to maximum extent to defame Chandrababu Naidu and AP government. They tried their best to provoke people on AP government’s stance of ‘Power produced in one state belonging to that state itself’.

Now after these many months, Telangana government is saying that Chandrababu’s stance is right and are now moving forward to keep the power produced in Singareni and KTPP-2 for their state itself. KTPP-2 will be complete in 10 days or so and will produce 600MW Power. Two Plants of Singareni will produce 600MW each. One will be complete in January and the other in March, the next year.

If Telangana stance these days is correct, AP should get share in these plants. But Telangana government wants to keep it all for itself. The government is planning to cancel the existing PPAs which are not approved by ERC and submit new ones. This is a strategy adopted by AP and condemned by Telangana all these days.