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Kiran Kumar Reddy’s Shocking Political move!

The last Chief Minister of United Andhra Pradesh, Kiran Kumar Reddy totally disappeared in to horizon after his new party, Samayikya Andhra Party failed managed to get a single deposit in the 2014 elections. KKR did not even contest in the last elections.

After the elections, there were some rumours that he is going to join BJP and lead the party in the residuary state. However for some reason, that did not happen. It is now said that Kiran is planning to stage a comeback to Congress.

He is reportedly in talks with Congress high command with only one demand that he should be given the reins of the party in AP. Kiran was a big confidante of Sonia Gandhi but differed with her over the bifurcation and quit congress. But this rejoining when Congress chapter is totally closed in AP, is really a shocking decision.