Om Namo Venkatesaya

Chandranna's 'Sankranthi Kanuka' For Telugu families

The most important festival to Telugus, Sankranthi, is just a few weeks away and to make this festival even more memorable, the Chandrababu-led TDP government has some special plans. Nearly 11 lakh new ration cards and 20 lakh 'Deepam' stove and gas connections will be issued earthy next year.

Along with the Deepam gas connections, the families will also get the 'Chandranna Kanuka' packets, which will include cooking oil, red gram, jaggery, wheat flour, ghee and Bengal gram. Last year, nearly 1.23 crore white card holders were benefitted from gift packs.

The 20 lakh new 'Deepam' connections will be issued by March next year and this will help a majority of the low income groups to switch from using kerosene and wood for cooking to gas.