Om Namo Venkatesaya

They Didn't Like Amaravati Ceremony

The foundation stone laying ceremony of AP capital Amaravati has brought in a huge cheer and celebrations among many Telugus across the world. However, there is also a section which is not at all happy with the way the proceedings took place in Amaravati yesterday. Modi's disappointing speech which did not shower any goodies to AP did not go down well with the YSRCP and Congress.

Soon after Modi's departure from Amaravati, protests erupted across the state by the cadres of both Congress and YSRCP. While the Congress high command ordered its cadres to burn the effigies of Modi and Chandrababu, YS Jagan wrote a letter calling for mass protests against Chandrababu's failure in asking Modi for special status or the special package. 

Jagan further said that Chandrababu sold off the special status issue only to bail himself out of the several cases against him. Accusing Babu of shattering the hopes of lakhs of job seekers and 5 crore Telugus, Jagan urged the people of the state to unite in his fight against Babu's government. 

It is well known that Jagan and the Congress party boycotted the Amaravati foundation stone laying ceremony in a protest against Babu's dictatorial ways in acquiring thousands of acres of lands from poor farmers.