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Said Special Package Instead of Status: Chandrababu

Ever since the Amaravati inaugural ceremony was completed yesterday, there has been a severe dissent from opposition parties and common people regarding Chandrababu's failure in convincing Modi to announce special status to Andhra Pradesh. Instead, Chandrababu, in his speech, requested modi to grant the special package to AP.

While the CM's speech has stirred up a severe outrage, Chandrababu met the media today and clarified about his speech. Babu said that even though he wanted to request Modi for the special status, he instead uttered special package by mistake. However, Babu also said that he clearly requested Modi to implement centre's promises to the state. 

Claiming that he spoke quite balancedly during his speech, Babu said that one has to control his temperament in the presence of such dignitaries on stage, as even a small mistake committed in an emotional imbalance will turn negative. 

Babu also said that he discussed the special status issue in Niti Ayog meeting and that he also discussed it with Modi. Finally, Chandrababu concluded saying that Modi promised him to implement all the clauses mentioned in the State Reorganization Act.