Om Namo Venkatesaya

Did TRS really tamper settlers votes in GHMC?

It is known that 40% of the existing votes in GHMC limits were removed under the supervision of GHMC Special officer and Hyderabad district election officer, Somesh Kumar. There is a huge outrage that Telangana government intentionally removed the votes of the settlers so as to get hold in the corporation elections.

Opposition parties especially Congress fought hard on this issue which forced Election Commission of India to send a 14 members team to inspect in to the allegations. Exactly on the day which the central team landed in Hyderabad, Telangana government shuffled IAS officers including GHMC commissioner, Somesh Kumar who is at the center of the controversy.

Transfers are very routine for bureaucrats but this sudden transfer of Somesh Kumar who played very crucial role in administration so far and that too transfer to an irrelevant department is creating doubts in every one. Congress is alleging that Somesh was transferred overnight so as to mask the irregularities with the electoral rolls in GHMC. The truth will surface only after the central team submits its report.