Om Namo Venkatesaya

Hyderabad to Newyork in just 4 hours!

How nice if Newyork was only 4 hours away from Hydrebad? Dream like? But the dream is only few years away from walking into reality with Skimmer supersonic Jets. This ultra speed jets are being designed by Canadian engineer Charles Bombardier. 

This can fly as fast as 7673 miles a hours. The Boeings now cover 570 miles per hour and the fastest we ever had was Concorde at Mach 2.02 speed (mach 2= 2 times the speed of sound) that flew 1334 miles per hour, which was brought off air and grounded since 26 November 2003. Latest we have the Air Bus that patented for a Concorde 2 that can fly at Mach 4 speed.

If only Charles Bombardier brought this Skimmer supersonic jets to Life- all it takes to travel from London to New York would be just 30 mins. The major issue Bombardier and his team have before them is the excess Air pressure during the take off due to which the passengers could pass out, Bombardier and team are aplomb to bring this to possibility . Hope we see and fly in the Skimmer Sonic jets soon. But the costs would sure not be affordable to the present economic class flyers. Ofcource luxury comes at a cost.