Om Namo Venkatesaya

Hyderabadis fav mode of transport!

Even as dangers of global warming are rising, people are gravitating more towards individual vehicles rather than public transport. Case in point is a study done in Hyderabad which indicates that most of the residents prefer to use two wheelers as the transport used to commute their workplaces.

Figures show that an astonishing 20% of employees use bikes for commute while only 4% of employees go for cars. In the city and in parts of Rangareddy district, over 5.5 lakh people use mopeds, scooters, and motorcycles to get to work among an approximate 28 lakh commuters in the city. Gender also plays a role here as the data reveals that a higher percentage of men use two wheelers for commute as compared to woman.

Interestingly only 18% of employess make use of public transport systems such as buses and trains to reach their workplace while about 16% prefer to walk to their place of work.