Om Namo Venkatesaya

TRS mouth piece rakes an unnecessary controversy!

TRS mouth piece, Namasthe Telangana had raked in an unnecessary controversy ahead of the Warangal by-election which also disturbs the bonhomie between both the Chief Ministers. It had published an article which says AP government intentionally blackened Telangana CM’s face in a photo exhibition of Amaravati Foundation day event in Delhi.

The photo published looks more like a photographic error and not as an intentional work. If Naidu really has a problem with KCR, he would not go all the way to KCR’s house and invite him. Even if the invitation was forced, he should have easily sent one of his deputy CMs or invitation by post. Further he altered the meeting program to sneak in KCR’s speech.

Naidu went to an extent of putting KCR’s name on the foundation plaque even when the people and his own party leaders opposed. Now Namasthe Telangana wants foil it just for petty political gains. This attitude of keeping the differences between both the states soaring for political gains will do more harm than good to Telugu race.