Om Namo Venkatesaya

'Even Telangana Suffered Due To Bifurcation'

Following the state bifurcation, Andhra Pradesh has been facing numerous hardships. However, TRS MP K Keshava Rao said in Rajya Sabha yesterday that even Telangana is suffering due to the state division.

The senior Telangana leader came down heavily on the impending delay in implementing the provisions of the AP Reorganisation Act and said that the state of Telangana is getting severely affected due to this delay.

"Delay in the bifurcation of assets and liabilities, employees, no proper water sharing arrangement, and most importantly, the bifurcation of the High Court are the major issues that are plaguing Telangana," Keshava Rao said.

Separate Telangana was formed to solve the issues of its people, employees, students and others. But the same issues are still prevailing because of the delay in the implementation of the Reorganisation Act provisions, Keshava Rao added.