Om Namo Venkatesaya

Behind The Scene: Bye Bye Harish Rao

The most significant statement after the GHMC poll victory came from Kavitha, KCR’s daughter. She said that the people of Telangana were looking to KTR as the political heir of KCR and she personally felt the same way.
The landslide victory in Hyderabad has finally emboldened the Kalavakuntla family to come out in the open. This should put an end to whatever aspirations Harish Rao had for the CM chair.
After KCR, Harish Rao was considered the most capable person in TRS with many rating him well above KTR. He was the principal troubleshooter for the TRS party. But KTR successfully maneuvering the GHMC polls has strengthened hi in the eyes of everyone.
At one stage when YSR was alive, the TRS agitation had completely fizzled out and Harish Rao himself would have joined the Congress but for the untimely death of YSR which changed the history of the Telugus.
This statement by Kavitha now makes it clear that Harish Rao would have to play second fiddle to KTR or else keep his dignity by going to Rajya Sabha or Lok Sabha. As someone said, the only threat to the TRS can come from within.