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In Discussion: Chiru's Caste Politics?

Recently, Congress MP Chiranjeevi visited his hometown Mogalthur and inaugurated several developmental works. However, this simple visit has now caused a huge storm in the Congress party and its leaders.

As per the latest reports, certain Congress leaders from West Godavari are fuming on Chiru for keeping his recent Mogalthur visit a secret until the last minute. What irked these leaders is that Chiru's visit was first announced by the YSRCP's West Godavari president Kothapalli Subbarayudu one week ahead of Chiru's visit.

Apparently, these YSRCP leaders belong to Chiru's community and they even put up banners highlighting Chiru's caste  and completely ignored Congress references on the welcome banners. Chiru visited Mogalthur, inaugurated the developmental works and left the scene even before the Congress leaders could prepare themselves for his arrival.

This further left the Congress leaders in a rage who even arranged a press meet and openly condemned Chiru's actions and alleged that Chiru is favoring the YSRCP leaders belonging to his caste and sidelining Congress leaders. These upset leaders also stated that  they are contemplating a complaint against Chiru to the high command.