Om Namo Venkatesaya

M.Tech-MBAs For Sweeper Job

India is one country where there is no dearth for qualified individuals and one look at the job notification for a post and the response will make everything clear. Recently, it is heard that the Bank Of Baroda notified about openings for sweeper cum peon job.

Among the applicants, even those who have done M.Tech, MBA have submitted their profile. Not stopping at that, even MLAs MPs and Governors of other states also recommended heavily for their candidates to get that job. With this, the banking officials have gone through a clear discussion with the concerned.

They reportedly said "How can you recommend such type of people for the job sir." 

For this, the leaders are saying "We don't know the details. 

They asked for favor and so we are recommending. We didn't know it was for the peon and sweeper post."

The banking authorities said "No sir they are overqualified. It will be insulting the value of our Indian degree if we encourage such candidates." 

Well, that is the state of our nation. Almost everybody is a B.Tech. We don't know how much subject knowledge they have but they are applying for such jobs as well in desperation.