Om Namo Venkatesaya

After Modi Government, TDP decided to do it!

Few months back, discussion raised in the media about the subsidized food in Parliament canteen. “When people who are earning in thousands were asked to voluntarily move out of the gas subsidy, why the ministers who are earning in lakhs should get subsidized food in Parliament canteen?” turned to be the question. Modi’s government took it seriously and the subsidized food concept was removed from the parliament canteen.

Majority of the Indians appreciated this act. Now, the AP state government threw the aspect of raising minister’s salaries concept aside. YSRCP politicians raised the topic that Yanamala didn’t think about raising the pay scale for ministers even after completion of 2 years.

Responding to this, Yanamala Ramakrishnudu mentioned that the government is not at all thinking about the salary hikes. Yanamala further mentioned that it has to go to amenities committee and then government will decide on it. Majority of the focus of the ruling governments in both state and central are on development of the regions and the people’s standard.