Om Namo Venkatesaya

Congress demanding special status for AP!

From the past few months, TDP leaders have been trying hard to get the special status for AP from the central government. Now, Congress party decided to put pressure on the central government on this aspect. Sonia Gandhi herself is taking the lead in this aspect.

Under her leadership, Congress leaders in Andhra Pradesh collected 1 Crore signatures and soil from all the regions of AP. It seems that Sonia Gandhi is set to send this to the Prime Minister with the special status demand for AP. Few people mentioned that the Congress party is slowly setting its 2019 political strategy in AP.

In Telengana, Congress is now in the raising state. It may not defeat TRS but is now getting the capacity to cross TDP. In AP, Congress got vanished completely after the state separation. For the 2019 elections, Congress should come up with a very strong valid point, atleast to get the opposition status. Looks like, special status to AP will be that strong point.