Om Namo Venkatesaya

Don't Quit Pawan, Fans Love Even Your Flops

"You recently said you'll quit acting after 2, 3 films. Don't you think you'll lose your stardom after quitting films?" This was one of the questions shot by journos during Pawan Kalyan's press meet this evening. And Pawan gave his reply in typical style saying, "yes, but I will be still alive isn't it?"

There's more to Pawan's revelations about his acting career. Pawan revealed that he wanted to quit acting if he scored four consecutive hits after the successful Khushi. However, Pawan went through a terrible patch until Gabbar Singh.

On the other hand, even though all his films were failing for nearly a decade, Pawan's loyal fans always stood by him and they are now ready to watch even his flop films forever than seeing him quitting movies.

Pawan continued acting all through his lean patch after Khushi until he scored a huge blockbuster with Gabbar Singh. Now, should his films flop to make him continue acting again? If only Pawan understood his fans' feelings and rethought about his decision to quit acting.