Om Namo Venkatesaya

Roja’s future in a sealed cover

The Privileges Committee of Andhra Pradesh Assembly completed its meeting a short while ago. The Committee discussed at length about various complaints against Roja and other five other YSR Congress MLAs. The Committee also discussed YSR Congress’ notice against the CM and other Ministers. The committee had made some vital recommendations to the Speaker and gave the entire details of the meeting in a sealed cover. The committee report will be presented in the house on Monday. In the wake of High Court issuing a stay on Roja’s suspension, the privileges committee report will be crucial. On the other side, the appeal filed by Assembly Secretary will come to hearing on Monday in the high court. YSR Congress announced that the party will be boycotting the Assembly session on Monday as support to the judiciary in this case. So Roja’s future will be decided on Monday in the house and the court.