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Doors Closed For NTR's Daughter

NTR's daughter Purandewari's questions and comments on raising expenditure of Polavaram project to 30,000 crores has not gone well with TDP Leaders. TDP leaders have come down heavily calling her 'doubts' as senseless. 

Gorantla Buchaiah Chowdary blasted at her for her lack of minimum knowledge on how the Polavaram project expenditure shoots upto big. He even mentioned her as a new beggar from BJP asking about all these. Gorantla clarified that land acquisition for Polavaram project during the Congress tenure alone costed at around 15,000 crores and Purandeswari now asking afresh is nothing but sounding silly. 

Another leader Varla Ramaiah blamed her lack of awareness and accused her of covert operations on behalf of Congress, though she joined NDA lately. Ramaiah commented that TDP closed doors for Purandeswari when she was trying to leave Congress and with no other option left, She joined BJP in a struggle for existence. He finally asked Purandeswari to stop making hasty comments, that costs the friendship of Narendra Modi and Chandrababu Naidu.