Om Namo Venkatesaya

Trump Wants India, But Not Indians?

The flight of jobs to foreigners is highly electrifying topic, the American presidential elections front runner, Donald Trump brings up in his every speech. This really excites the people of United Nations and he did it once again. 

Trump mentions China, Mexico, Japan and Vietnam as the countries who are grabbing the jobs is US, he never forgets to mention India in first place for that. While he promises the American citizens their jobs back if he wins the elections, there is the other side of Trump seeing light lately. 

While not many emotional voters are getting it to their heads with an influence of his effective speeches and compositional techniques, many others are looking otherwise. 

And the other-side had a Trump's exclusive private club 'Mar-a-lago-club', that has hundreds of foreign workers rejecting the American residents for the same jobs. There are really more than 500 visas pursued for workers from other countries since 2010, rejecting the local applicants. What Donald has to say for that is, 'we do not have enough qualified people in the United states'!! 

As you go deeper into it, the front-runner Trump is having investments in India. Heard of trump towers in Pune and Mumbai? His investments in many other countries that help and grow the local economy there and jobs for locals, speak loud about his speech tactics for campaign and just for campaign.

Looking at all these, many non residents in the US are feeling relaxed, while American residents are still raising the chants of 'Trump, Trump!!, USA USA!!' whenever he speaks of cutting down the jobs-outsourcing to foreigners