Om Namo Venkatesaya

Key highlights of AP Budget 2016-17

Andhra Pradesh government had put up a budget of 1,35,688.99 Crore for the year 2016-17. Planned expenditure in this is 49,134 Crore while the unplanned expenditure is 86,554 Crore. The government is expected the revenue deficit this year to be 4,868 and that will take the total deficit to 20,497 Crore. Here are various allotments made in the budget.

Budget Allocation 2016-17Amount
Polavaram Project3660 Cr
Amaravathi Construction1500 Cr
Kapu Corporation1000 Cr
Brahmin Corporation65 Cr
BC Welfare8,832 Cr
SC Welfare8724 Cr
ST Welfare3100 Cr
Minority Welfare710 Cr
Housing1132 Cr
Horticulture659 Cr
Higher Education2642 Cr
Primary Education17,502 Cr
Health2933 Cr
Food Processing Industries100 Cr
ISDS Scheme772 Cr
Smart Village and Smart Wards3100 Cr
Urban Development4728.95 Cr
Village development4467 Cr
Irrigation7325 Cr
Small Water Resources674 Cr
Law and Order4785.14 Cr
Water Supply to villages1195 Cr
Irrigation Water3512 Cr
Road Grid3184 Cr
Road Protection150 Cr
Fiber Grid320 Cr
Public distribution system2702 Cr
IT360 Cr
Tourism227 Cr
Fuel4020 Cr
Drought prevention50 Cr
Sprots215 Cr
Handlooms127 Cr
Land Ruling3119 Cr
Silk industry147 Cr
Fisheries339 Cr
Cattle819 Cr
Agri based industries16,491 Cr
Pensions2998 Cr
Employment Gurantee4764.71 Cr
Afternoon Free Food750 Cr
Sanitary320 Cr
Training to young entrepreneurs377 Cr
Women Empowerment642 Cr
Youth Empowerment252 Cr
Krishna Pushkaralu250 Cr