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Maha Pact: Harishrao’s biggest victory

Telangana government had signed an MOU with Maharashtra government which on setting up an inter-state water board on Godavari projects, ending decades of discord between the two States on utilisation of water in the river Godavari and its tributaries. Telangana CM KCR on the occasion said this is a day to be written with Golden letters in the history of the state.

The agreement would benefit the people of Maharashtra and Telangana immensely. The major success of this pact should go to Irrigation Minister, Harish Rao. The minister sat with the irrigation experts over all the pending projects for months together and chalked out amicable solution to the contentious projects with Maharashtra.

In the process, Telangana had compromised on the designs of few projects and also has to shell big amount of extra money to resolve the issues of Maharashtra. But then, no amount of money can equal to the greater good the projects are going to bring to the state once they are completed. Even CM KCR admitted Harish Rao’s hardwork. Well done!!