Om Namo Venkatesaya

Media Scribblings Pulling Real Rates Down

A media channel and its newspaper's daily basis negative propaganda on capital area lands has come to discussion when farmers from those areas filed a complaint against them to barricade their fake writings. 

The media channel is Sakshi and according to the complaint raised by farmers from capital area, the channel writings are affecting their land rates and real estate ultimately causing great loss to farmers in the end. So farmers from around 7 nearby villages filed a complaint at Thullur and Mangalagiri police stations along with TDP representatives from the local area. 

Their version says that these scribbling by Sakshi are a mayhem and immediate action is highly appreciated. They say that this media's stories are all fake and 90 percent of lands are with farmers only. Farmers are asking to take an action to stop these stories, as they could turn a threat to foreign investments in capital area.