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Why These MLAs Ignoring Babu?

Chandrababu's dreams of flagging his command in Telangana are turning nightmares slowly, as he is being given enough surprises by his own MLAs in Telangana region. Revanth Reddy and Sattupalli MLA Sandra are said to be the only loyal TDP leaders in Telangana, but the latter is heard to be picking up the pink soon.  

Within two days after these rumors took a rise, one more shock has come to Chandrababu's way. CM Babu called all the T TDP leaders for a meeting regarding the death anniversary of slain leader Madhava Reddy and he invited all of them personally. 

Giving a rude shock to Chandrababu, Serlingampally MLA Arikepudi Gandhi and Jubilee Hills MLA Maganti Gopinath gave a skip to the meeting and this hints a fair chance of these MLAs will be changing their scarfs to pink. 

Though there were enough rumors about these two MLAs plans to see themselves in TRS, they condemned them every time. And now with their absence at Chandrababu's closed meeting, it is almost certain that these two will be jumping to TRS very soon. 

Chandrababu regular meetings with his T TDP MLAs can give him clues on probable jumping candidates and the impact of TRS' operation akarsh? -