Om Namo Venkatesaya

TDP Gets Last Punch From Kammas

If we go by the acts of our politicians, they have every right to break a promise and they need not be ethical at any time given. It has been a hulchul since few days while there are lot of jumpings in three major political parties of two states. The rumors have been on wheels from last three days that two senior politicians from TDP Arikepudi Gandhi and Maganti Gopinath decided to praise pink party officially soon. 

If it happens to be true, that is the biggest shock to Chandrababu and many others also. Most unexpected and unwanted one for Chandrababu, but how is it to others and who are they? 

Both the MLAs belong to the same community, Kamma and they were the biggest hope and strength of settlers in that community in Hyderabad region. Maganti and Arikepudi were the forerunners of major community related events and the big heads behind several Kamma sangams. 

The two MLAs grew to this stage of being the representatives for regions like Serlimgampally and Jubilee hills due to their real estate and the best support from their community people in the form of votes from settlers. 

There was huge disappointment and opposition from many NRIs when they heard rumors about Arikepudi Gandhi's thoughts of joining the TRS party and later he denied about any such plans and trumpeted that his travel with TDP is till his last breath. Now everything seems to be sheer humbug. 

Now with this fresh and almost confirmed news in air about these two MLAs joining TRS, Chandrababu will be left despondent and the people who supported them will be dismayed.