Om Namo Venkatesaya

Swami Nityananda & Mata Ranjitha

Way back in March 2010, a popular Tamil news channel aired a sensational sex scandal footage which allegedly featured the controversial spiritual guru Nityananda Swamy and his loyal devotee and film actress Ranjitha involved in sexual acts.

The scandal created a huge nationwide uproar and both Nityananda and Ranjitha went into oblivion for a long time. Even though Nityananda occasionally made his presence felt in a few spiritual discourses, Ranjitha largely remained behind the closed doors.

However, the controversial spiritual couple is back together as they visited the Sri Kalahasti Temple this afternoon. While Nityananda hogged the limelight with media and devotees surrounding him to catch his glimpses, Ranjitha apparently hid her identity. Just like Nityananda, Ranjitha too was seen dressed like a mataji.

Nityananda's personal security overacted and blocked the media personnel from videographing Nityananda and managed to sneak him out without media interaction. Ironically, the temple authorities grandly welcomed both Nityananda and Ranjitha with all the temple customs.