Om Namo Venkatesaya

Ugly Fight Between APSRTC & TSRTC

The quarrel about platforms between AP and Telangana RTC buses has reached peaks and ultimately troubling passengers. On one side, Vijayawada bus depot is restricting all Telangana buses to one platform while there are 80 platforms in total. On the otherside, Miryalaguda, Mallepalli bus stops have limited AP buses platforms to one, where a large number of buses travel through Kodada, Suryapeta and Narketpalli on the highway.
TSRTC has appointed special staff only to stop parking AP Buses in other plaforms except the one allocated for them. This is giving rise to frequent fights and quarrels between APSRTC and TSRTC staff.
Many buses serve from Vijayawada to Telangana areas like Miryalaguda, Nallagonda and Kodada. Telangana transport service too had same bus service while AP buses seem to be collecting more charge than that of Telangana. People started getting into Telangana buses due to cheap travel, leaving AP bus service in losses. So Vijayawada Bus station management decided to limit Telangana buses to one platform and which obviously irked TSRTC.
So Kodada bus station too restricted AP buses to one platform and having no other choice, lot of AP buses had to stop under the trees in Bus complex premises and shuttle without many passengers most of the time. Not just that, but Suryapet, Mryalaguda and Mallepalli bus stations too employed special staff to stop AP buses from parking in all platforms.
This is affecting the APSRTC revenue through buses between Vijayawada and Hyderabad. This has become a routine fight between two states bus services and someone big enough should take a call to settle this conflict.