Om Namo Venkatesaya

When Jagan Created A Forgettable Record

It is quite common for angry citizens to protest against the government on various demands and on several occasions, the protestors show their anger by burning effigies of the ruling party leaders and even the CM's on several occasions.

But the leader of opposition YS Jagan created a forgettable record for himself. Yesterday, Thullur farmers took out their ire on Jagan over his mouthpiece Sakshi's baseless allegations on land scam in Amaravati.

During their protests, these angry farmers burnt Jagan's effigy and challenged him to visit thier villages and interact with all the farmers to prove the land scam allegations. The farmers also said that they gave away their lands voluntarily for capital construction in hope of a better life and that if needed, they will even give away their lives for Amaravati.

The farmers also advised Jagan to stop publishing baseless stories on land scam in his media and jeopardise the development in their region. This is undoubtedly the first ever case where an effigy of an opposition leader was burnt by the citizens.