Om Namo Venkatesaya

Vizagite makes 1 Crore donation!

For Lord Venkateswara, rich offerings are not new. There are several prominent persons in the past who offered their donations in different forms like gold, cash etc.

This time a rich businessman named as T Srinivasa Rao from the port city Vishakapatnam offered Rs.1Crore cash to the Lord. He offered this cash in Demand Darft form and submitted to the TTD authorities. Srinivasa Rao requested authorities to use his funds for pilgrim free meal scheme. TTD Board chairman Chadalavada Krishnamurthy said in a press statement about this donation to the cash rich temple.

Started in 1984, the pilgrim free meal scheme feeding more than 2lakh devotees every day and nearly one core devotees offered free meals as Anna Prasadam in last three yerars.