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YS Jagan's close aide Behind Balayya's Raithu?

As the mystery on Nandamuri Balakrishna's 100th film is clearing off slowly with Balayya himself stating that he will hit the century mark in Krish's direction, fans are eagerly awaiting the final confirmation. Until a few days ago, Krishna Vamsi was tipped to be directing Balayya's 100th film.

But recently, Balayya said Krishna Vamsi's project will kick off after Krish's. Already, reports have been buzzing that Krishna Vamsi narrated a powerful script with farmers backdrop and that the film has been titled Raithu or Raithu Rajyam.

And here's the most unexpected twist. Apparently, the Raithu script was not penned by Krishna Vamsi and that the actual script writer was Sakshi Ram. Yes, you heard it right. Ram penned this powerful and cinematic script for Balayya and it won't feature any anti-government agenda.

Ram, who was a prominent name in advertising until a decade ago, dabbled in acting in a couple of lesser known films before he joined Sakshi news paper and became the head honcho of the organization. Ram also shares a close relationship with Jagan.

Interestingly, Balayya is considering doing this film even though he was aware that Ram was the man behind the script. Balayya, like a thorough professional, kept aside the TDP-Sakshi and YSRCP rivalry as he liked the story immensely.